Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Needs assessment survey: A powerful opportunity to improve Library resources


Attention Faculty, Researchers, and Doctoral students:

You can make a difference in improving the quality and quantity of the Library’s research resources. By telling us how you are using these resources and expressing your research needs, the library staff and the Office of the Provost will have a better understanding and will work together to create a more supportive research environment.

The investment of your time to respond to this survey will be greatly appreciated and will help us:

---Evaluate some of the current resources
---Understand how some of these resources are used
---Find out what major resources are needed
---Develop an adequate plan to acquire additional resources

You can access the survey here:, or you can print out a paper copy and return it to the Library via inter-office mail (attn: Linda Beninghove). It should take an average of 15 minutes to complete and it will be available from January 15 – February 26.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Linda Beninghove, Information Services Librarian, at or 201-216-5412.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Stevens professor publishes cover article in Nature Photonics

With colleagues at UC Santa Barbara and Leiden University (Netherlands), Professor Stefan Strauf of the Physics and Engineering Physics department is first author of the article ‘High-frequency single-photon source with polarization control’, the cover article of the December 2007 issue of ‘Nature Photonics’. A one page interview with Professor Strauf was also published in this issue. Visit the School of Engineering and Science's news section for further information about the article!