Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New library website featured in The Stute

The Stute, Stevens Institute's weekly newspaper, has published a front page article about the new library website in their September 5th issue. The article, entitled Stevens' S.C. Williams Library Website Revamped and written by Jean Matusiak, gives a positive review of the fresh and interactive features of our streamlined new website. The article features librarian Valerie Forrestal's description of many of the new site's features, like the Meebo IM reference tool, the elegant and modern new design, and the recent publications (by Stevens' professors & researchers) feature, which is a tool powered by the Scopus database that helps to provide more visibility for the research papers published by the Stevens community.

As Valerie Forrestal is quoted in the article, the development of the new website can best be summarized as follows: "Essentially, we wanted to increase awareness of the Library's resources by making them more accessible and easier to use, and by providing better means for patrons to contact us with comments, needs and suggestions."

Check out the full article in The Stute here. And, as always, we welcome your feedback about our new site!

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