Monday, February 1, 2010

New InterLibrary Loan Policies

The InterLibrary Loan Department of the library is enacting the following new policies, effective immediately. For a listing of all the library's policies, see

Late books: Books should be returned by the due date on the ILL book slip. Returning books late jeopardizes our relationship with other lending institutions.

Students: If you do not return the book by the due date you will get 3 emails over a one-week period of time reminding you that your book is late. If the book is not returned by the date indicated in the 3rd email, your student account will be charged a $50 processing fee and a $150 lost book replacement fee. Also, you will be responsible for any late fees incurred from the lending library. If you return the book after the fees have been charged, your student account will be reimbursed the $150 replacement fee. Please be aware that you will not be reimbursed the $50 processing fee. If you are late with an ILL book more than 2 times without contacting us about it, you will lose your ILL privileges.

Books not picked up: ILL books will be at the circulation desk for one week after the arrival notification has been sent, and if they are not claimed during that week, they will be sent back to the lending library. Students will be charged $5 for each book that is not picked up

Recalled books: If a book is recalled by another university, you will be asked to return it to us right away. Since the book is not the property of our library we must abide by the rules of the lending library.

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