Thursday, July 21, 2011

Keep track of your citations on Google Scholar

Google has launched Google Scholar Citations, an easy way to keep track of your citations from one web page.

From their blog post:
Citation metrics are often used to gauge the influence of scholarly articles and authors. Some of you already track your citation metrics by regularly looking up your articles in Google Scholar. Many of you have asked us for an easier way to do this.

Today we’re introducing Google Scholar Citations: a simple way for you to compute your citation metrics and track them over time.
The service is in limited release right now, see here for directions on how to get signed up. The resulting profile page works as a great link to share your research with others via the web, and looks like this:

The library also provides access to another citation-tracking tool, through the Scopus database. You can create an account, and receive email alerts whenever someone cites your research. To set up an alert, just go to Scopus, search for your name under the "Author Search" tab, and click on your name in the results list.

You can then set up alerts for when one of your articles gets listed in Scopus, and/or someone cites one of your articles.

[setting up publication or citation alerts in Scopus]

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