Monday, November 11, 2013

Laptop and iPad Lending Comes to the Library

by Romel Espinel, Web Services Librarian

This semester the Samuel C. Williams Library is piloting laptop and iPad lending programs that we hope will help our community by providing access to the internet and tools for their academic success. While many of our students, especially the undergraduate population, may have laptops, a survey we conducted last year showed that many graduate students needed more access to computers than the desktop computers we have in the library.

Many commuter students will welcome these programs too because many times carrying around a laptop in you backpack can be laborious even if these computers were made to be light.

Lending out laptops and iPads are not new to libraries, especially academic ones. Libraries like North Carolina State University Library System has been lending out these computers for years now and are keeping up with technology trends by lending out the newest in technology.

We hope you will try out these laptops and make recommendations for what suits your needs and the rest of the Stevens Community.

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