Friday, October 23, 2015

Part 4: OA Spotlight: Engineering Research

by Vicky Ludas Orlofsky

To mark Open Access Week 2015, this week you’ll see a series of posts about different aspects of the Open Access movement in publishing.

There is a range of material available open access in Engineering. This includes journals and ebooks as well as reference sites, government information, and even online courses.

Journals and Articles
The Directory of Open Access Journals includes more than 10,000 international OA journals in a variety of academic subjects. You can browse by subject or search for journal or article title keywords. The Engineering (general) subject includes 211 journals from all over the world, including many of the journals listed below.

A number of prominent traditional academic publishers have also started OA engineering journals, all thoroughly peer-reviewed. IEEE has seven gold OA journals, including IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society, an OA megajournal (IEEE Access) and more than 100 hybrid OA journals, all found at IEEE Open.

The Nature Publishing Group publishes the multidisciplinary journal Scientific Reports (narrowed to Engineering). A list of all NPG OA and hybrid journals can be found here.

Cogent OA from Taylor & Francis publishes Cogent Engineering.

Elsevier publishes a number of OA and hybrid journals, including many in engineering, including Ain Shams Engineering Journal, Case Studies in Construction Materials, and Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal, among many others. Find the full list here.

Springer publishes several OA journals in engineering, such as Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences, Friction, and Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Modern Processes, among others. See the full list here.

Wiley Open Access includes journals like Energy Science & Engineering and others; see the full list here (unfortunately not searchable by discipline).

MDPI, or the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, is a dedicated OA publisher with a long list of simply named engineering journals, including Biosensors, Micromachines, and Water. Find the full list here.

You can find 549 ebooks in engineering at InTech: Engineering. InTech lets you narrow down to the most cited books (as cited in Web of Science), most cited chapters (Web of Science and Google Scholar), and most downloaded chapters.

Reference websites
iCrank is a collection of mechanical design engineering resources like apps for thread designers, screw data, and bolt torque charts, links for patent searches, materials information, and jobs listings, and vendors of use.

eFunda stands for “engineering fundamentals” and includes information on materials, design, formulas, processes, unit conversions, math, and much more.

Government information is the portal to all available government information. Always worth doing a search here to see what turns up. For more specifical science results, try, which is essentially narrowed to federally funded science research.

The National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics includes "data on research and development, the science and engineering workforce, the condition and progress of STEM education, and U.S. competitiveness in science, engineering, technology, and R&D.”

The National Institute of Standards and Technology Data Gateway provides access to NIST’s scientific and technical data.

Finally, check out the Online Engineering Courses from Open Culture.

Open access means making information more available to all who can benefit from it. The journals, ebooks, and wide variety of other information listed here can be of use to you whether or not you belong to an institution like Stevens, now and in the future.

More information can be found at the Library’s Open Access Research Guide.

Questions? Comments? Contact Vicky Ludas Orlofsky.

Next: a look at a prominent OA publisher.

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