Wednesday, January 14, 2009

*Important information for off-campus users connecting via VPN*

A heads-up from the IT department regarding off-campus users who connect to online library resources through VPN:

Information Technology is replacing the two VPN (Virtual Private Network) servers with a new server, which is installed and ready for use. If don't use VPN services this announcement does not pertain to you. If you use VPN services, or have them configured on a Stevens issued notebook and/or individually owned computer that is used off-campus, you are required to change your VPN configuration.

Links to instructions on how and why to use a VPN connection are below. The old VPN servers will be removed from the network on January 24, 2009. ALL users must remove their old profiles and create new ones to connect to the new VPN server.

The old VPN servers, and are being replaced by the new VPN server Since the configuration of the VPN client has changed attempts to update your old VPN profile with the new VPN server name will not work. Creating a new profile, and removing the old one is easy, and only takes a few steps to complete. The new VPN connection method is more secure than the previous. The most notable change will be that the old vpn02 connection used the PIPELINE password while the new connection uses the CAMPUS Domain password.

Set up instructions for Windows XP, Vista, MAC OS X including iPhone and iTouch and Linux are available at

Some Campus Domain Users do not have the rights to make this change. If you try to make this change and access is denied contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 201.216.5500. Even if you do not use the VPN connection regularly, now is the time to add the new VPN configuration to your system and test the connection. Remember to use your CAMPUS Domain password when using the connection.

If you have not changed your Domain password recently now is a good time to do it. Your domain password should be unique to this account, not used anywhere else and a password only you know. Information on changing your domain password can be found at:

If you need assistance or a password reset, contact the Information Technology Helpdesk at 201.216.5500 or Please remember to remove your old VPN profile after you have installed the new one.

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