Monday, March 2, 2009

Textbook Drive

In order to improve the resources available to the student body, and to meet a rising demand among students, The Stevens Library Committee is trying to create a reserve of current textbooks used in Stevens’ classes.

Currently, a number of professors supply copies of their course textbooks to the library for students to reference. Our goal is to have at least one copy of each textbook from every course available to students in the library each semester. In order to accomplish this goal we are requesting that the Stevens community donate any extra copies of current textbooks or acceptable earlier editions of textbooks for current courses.

So far, the drive has received an outstanding response from the School of Systems and Enterprises, with Dr. Donald Merino being the first to respond to our call and dropping off two copies of his textbook at the library. Dr. Rashmi Jain has also done a great job helping out with this project, collecting 44 textbooks in total from her school. We'd like to thank both Dr. Merino and Dr. Jain sincerely for their support (and Dr. Jain's diligence!), and we'd like to call on the other members of the Stevens faculty to join in the drive. Please consider dropping off your extra texts at the library, or even better, ask around amongst your colleagues and see how many books you can collect! (The library would be happy to come pick up the books from your department, just drop us an e-mail at and let us know when and where we can come get them.)

Thanks so much from us, and from the students, for all your help!

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